Ben Ryan donates $2 million generously to Houston Hurricane Harvey victims


Former Fiji sevens coach, Ben Ryan, has on Saturday made a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund in Houston to support people affected by the disaster.

Ben Ryan donated $2 million and called on other individuals and organizations to follow suit.

Ben Ryan is best known for having coached the Fiji sevens to two Sevens World Series titles and a gold medal in sevens rugby at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

President Trump has also pledged $1 million of his personal money to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey in both Texas and Louisiana, the White House said Thursday.

“The president is pledging a million dollars of personal money to help,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters in the press briefing Thursday.

Sanders said that the president asked that she “check with” reporters for “suggestions” on groups and organizations that would be “best and most effective in providing aid.”

There are several unconfirmed reports of donations made by celebrities to help rebuild Houston.